Shoot for The Album

Or rather “shoot for the End Product”. The end product is why we as wedding photographers exists i.e. taking photographs of this special day and recording them for the couples memories. For wedding photography, the end product is usually a photo album but can also be a coffee table book, wall art etc. ….see more

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The obvious answer would be a real, top class wedding venue that offers beautiful rooms and gardens in which to learn and start to develop skills to become an inspired wedding photographer. The Wedding Imaging Academy has established itself in the Robert Denholm House which is a a popular wedding venue in an impressive late Victorian mansion of historical interest, set in 25 acres of beautiful countryside in Nutfield, ….see more

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Tips for Become a Better Wedding Photographer

The Bride and Groom normally have booked their wedding one year ago before their wedding, Use this opportunity to go and checkout the ceremony and reception venue before the wedding. “Fore warned is Fore armed” as they say and this is proof. Take a look at the light levels, how much space is there between you and the alter. ….see more

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Five top tips for photographing a wedding in Church

Photographing a wedding in a church is an important part of wedding photographer, however, there are aspects of this which make it particularly challenging.

1. Be discrete As a wedding photographer in a church, you need to be extremely discrete. You are there to record the event but not be part of it. Church weddings often impose strict limitations on where a photographer may go, ….see more

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Do you want to improve your Bride and Groom Portrait skills?

The weather was beautiful and the location was stunning for four photographers attending a 4 hour workshop run by
The Wedding Imaging AcademyWith 3 models, a make up artist and 2 workshop facilitators and the stunning
Robert Denholm House wedding venue, the workshop participants had the opportunity to learn about and practice shooting awesome bride and groom portraits and take away some stunning images to use in their portfolios. …... see more

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Why are detial shots important for weddings

Over time memories of the wedding fades, the dress is packed away or sold, the wedding cake was eaten, flowers wither and special shoes and jewellery can get lost. The details of all these items it what make each wedding different and unique to the couple so it’s important  that you capture and preserve the moment for their memories of the special day. How you capture and portray the image detail will have a profound affect on those memories. ….see more.

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