TIPs: become a better wedding photographer

15, January 2016

You have a digital camera and taken photos at a wedding for a family member or a friend and now decided that you want to become a wedding photographer. What do you need to do to master photography and become a successful wedding photographer? 

1. Practice

While the modern high tech camera equipment can take high quality images, there are three things you need to do to become successful wedding photographer: 1. Practice, 2. Practice, 3. Practice.

No matter how good your equipment is or how many Youtube videos you watch the difference between you and the experts it how much time and effort the experts have put in to become masters at their profession. 

2. Study and critique yours and others work.

Spend time looking and studying the work of the professionals, look how they used the light, composition and focus to get the awesome images.

Take a critical look at your own images and ask yourself, is this the shot I wanted, and understand how you got it?

Look for images that inspire you and plan your photography to achieve the similar images till you find your own style.

3. Learn the business of wedding photography. 

Wedding photography is a business, so you have to be a business person first and a photographer second to be successful. You consider the amount and cost of equipment, programs, travel and time you invest, you have know your clients needs and market trends and then price your services so you can be profitable.  

4. Go on photography courses and workshops.

To be successful at wedding photography you need to have both, knowledge and skill. On-line training videos and web based information might give you knowledge but you must have skills to master it. You need to have a deeper understanding, practical experience and real life guidance from experts. 

There are many workshops and training program available so get enrolled in some to gain valuable knowledge and experience. 

Come along and learn from real wedding photographers and partake in a real wedding to understand today’s wedding photography and quickly gain the knowledge that will make your wedding shoots more successful.